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At Print Signs Wraps, we design, print and install custom wall wraps, window wraps, and other coverings and graphics to virtually every type of window or wall surface and in any location – from the bedroom to the boardroom. Think of it as custom wall paper in any size, shape and color. we can create, produce and install virtually any image.

Wraps are made from pressure-activated adhesive-backed vinyl – which is a fancy way to say they are big stickers or decals. Most wraps are digitally printed onto this vinyl, and then laminated with a clear film that provides protection from the sun and other elements. Window wraps can be printed on opaque material just like vehicle wraps, which blocks all visibility in or out of the window. Perforated window film has small holes throughout, allowing for safe visibility on vehicles. On buildings, the perforated film allows those inside of a building to see out through the wrap, yet restricts visibility on the graphic side of the material.

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