Terms and Conditions

This document defines the terms and conditions of our working relationship. By requesting PRINT SIGNS WRAPS to perform services and produce products for you, you are agreeing to this document without modification. You are responsible for reviewing our terms and conditions prior to submitting request for work. PRINT SIGNS WRAPS will begin work upon your approval of the written estimate. Your written approval will constitute an agreement with PRINT SIGNS WRAPS.

ACCURACY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Estimates are based on the accuracy of specifications provided to us by you. If we discover after accepting a digital file that there are corrections or modifications needed, PRINT SIGNS WRAPS will notify you immediately, at which time a decision will be made whether there will be additional costs and how you wish us to proceed. PRINT SIGNS WRAPS makes every effort to quote each job accurately; but in the event of unforeseen circumstances or costs, PRINT SIGNS WRAPS will notify you of any delays or additional costs necessary to complete your project.



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